Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® are highly trained professionals, specializing in creating and officiating personalized, custom written ceremonies and rituals.  We assist our clients in honoring their most important life events with rituals and ceremonies that commemorate and celebrate their unique life journey, and provide a way for them to share the joys and sorrows of that journey with their families and friends.

The clients of Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® tend to be spiritual but not religious. They are of all cultures, countries, ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. If there is one thing they have in common, it is the desire to share their most important moments with those closest to them through a ceremony that is fluid, creative, and reflects their specific beliefs and values.

Ceremonies happen when people are at pivotal points in their lives, and each ceremony created and led by a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant® is a unique reflection of the rite of passage, transition or pivotal event being experienced by a client.  We are trained not to just listen, but to truly hear your story, understand your feelings regarding the event in question, and to help you share that story and honor that event in a way that is totally yours.

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® are graduates of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.  We are professionally trained and certified in creating and performing unique and personal ceremonies and rituals that honor life's important cycles.  Before being accepted to study at the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, we undergo an evaluation of our written skills, as well as an independent evaluation of our presentation and vocal skills, and our ability to create and hold space.

During our studies we research different cultures and beliefs and learn how to gracefully weave values and symbols into the ceremonies we create.  We make ceremony personal and know how to determine what’s appropriate and what isn't for each client.  We learn how we can blend and mold elements, making them relevant and meaningful to our clients.  There is no perfect ceremony, but we know how to create a ceremony that is perfect for you.   

After graduating as highly-trained ceremony professionals, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® adhere to a strict code of ethics and non-discrimination policy .  This makes us stand out among other officiants as our clients not only receive the benefit of our training and experience, but they also have our commitment to handle their ceremony in a very specific, personal, inclusive, and respectful way.

Celebrants recognize that one ceremony does not fit all. Be it to welcome a child into your family, launch a new business, move out of your beloved home, or celebrate your retirement, every ceremony has its own flavor, and every person’s life transitions are unique. We take the time to consult with you, exchange ideas, make suggestions, and craft a ceremony that is personal, unique, and reflective of you, your traditions, and the event you want honored.

Each of us have our own unique journey here on earth, and these journeys are akin to life books, each containing a distinct set of pages imprinted with defining moments and milestones. Ceremony allows us to temporarily halt the hands of time and shine a light on the key turning points and crossroads we have encountered on that journey. It enlivens and transfigures us and helps us to see that all life is a special occasion worthy of celebration and commemoration. Through story, song, personal touches, and formalized ritual, we share moments of significance, and we shape meaning.

Since time immemorial, people have come together to mark these significant transitions and milestones in their lives through ceremony and ritual. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced, diverse, and more secular society, many age-old traditions honoring life’s important thresholds have been abandoned. And sadly, those occasions that we do gather for are often impersonal and lacking depth.

But, because we are human, we continue to crave the meaning-making, connection, and community that a thoughtfully planned and conducted ceremony can offer us. Done well, ritual and ceremony move you through a gateway from one phase of your life to the next. The skillfully integrated music, readings, story, symbolism, and choreography of good ceremony have the effect of integrating the transition in our lives and equipping us for the next stage of the journey.

Ceremony comforts those who are grieving and offers sustenance to those who are in transition. Ceremony strengthens communities while celebrating important beginnings and hard-won endings. Put simply, ceremony can be transformative.

You may choose to have a private ceremony with a few close friends. Or you may prefer to have a large celebration surrounded by your community and loved ones. The choice is yoursMy services include, but are not limited to, the milestones listed below:

  • Adoption Celebrations
  • Baby Welcoming, Naming & Blessings
  • Commitments (moving in together)
  • Family Blending Ceremonies
  • Family Reunions
  • Family Unity Rituals 
  • Mother & Parent Blessings
  • Nursery and Baby Room Blessing
  • Pet Adoptions
  • Custom Rituals & Altar Creation
  • Garden & Tree Planting Rituals
  • House Farewells
  • New Home Blessings
  • Renovation Reveals
  • Seasonal Ceremonies
  • Space Clearings
  • Sustenance Rituals
  • Coming of Age
  • Coming Out
  • First Job
  • Gender Transition
  • Graduation
  • Menarche
  • Menopause
  • Retirement
  • Saging/Aging/Croning (Eldering)
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Business Opening/Closing/Transitioning to next Generation
  • Career Achievements/Promotions
  • Citizenship Ceremonies
  • Moves, Travels, Journeys
  • Office and Studio Blessings
  • Divorce & Relationship Endings
  • Expat & Military Repatriations
  • Family Healings
  • Forgiveness Ceremonies
  • Friendship Severances
  • Grief and Loss Rituals
  • Incarceration Release
  • Job Loss
  • House Farewells
  • Pet Remembrances
  • Relationship Severance
  • Class or Cohort Graduations
  • Community or Organizational Milestones
  • Dedications & Commemorations
  • Grand Openings
  • Groundbreaking Ceremonies
  • Observances of Loss
  • Victory Celebrations

Begin With a Relaxed, No-obligation Consultation.

It is important that there is a connection between us and that you trust me to bring your vision for your ceremony to life. The first step is to book a no-obligation conversation to see if we’re a good fit. This first meeting often happens over the phone or face-to-face through a video call/Zoom meeting. Or, if you are not too far away, we can meet in-person.

At our first meeting, we discuss your ideas, needs and preferences for the ceremony. I listen as you share your story and answer any questions you might have. We explore and brainstorm initial ideas for the ceremony. I explain my fees and tell you more about what the next steps would be.

If you decide we are a good fit, you sign a contract and pay a retainer, and your date is reserved in my calendar

The Creative Process.

The heart of a Celebrant ceremony is the story of the person or people we are honoring. At this point, in the case of most life events, I will send you a set of thoughtful questions, tailored based on your situation. Then we’ll meet again, either via Zoom or in-person, for an in-depth conversation. I will learn about the significant aspects of your journey: What risks did you have to take to get to this point? Who and what supported or challenged you along the way? What lessons will you carry with you as you enter the next stage of your life? In the case of funerals, the process is slightly different.

I will then spend many hours researching, designing, and writing the ceremony. I’ll offer ideas for rituals, readings, and other elements that reflect your story, values, and beliefs. I will revise the ceremony and collaborate with you via email, phone calls and, if necessary, additional meetings. Through this process, a custom-crafted, meaningful ceremony will take shape.

You Will Love Your ceremony.

I provide unlimited consultation. I’ll refine the ceremony script until you love it! You’ll have final approval.

Logistics & Ceremony Delivery.

I’ll coordinate with your ceremony professionals (musicians, photographers, videographers, venue staff, etc.), and provide a professional cue sheet, a music cue sheet and ceremony participant instructions, if necessary. I will lead a rehearsal if there is one.

On the day of the ceremony, I’ll arrive at least 30 minutes early to make sure everything is in place. I’ll officiate with warmth, professionalism, and authenticity. Afterwards, I’ll leave you with a beautiful keepsake copy of the ceremony.

You are bound to encounter all kinds of business card titles in your search for your just-right Celebrant.  Many churches have adopted the term to refer to lay leaders who assist in presiding over worship services in the absence of or in tandem with the Minister.

A good number will have come to this work without any training or related experience. Or, they will have taken some variation of a three-to-five-day retreat intensive.

The gold-standard of all professional Celebrancy training worldwide, however, is that offered by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I). CF&I is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the most comprehensive training and education for Celebrants. Students are schooled in the art and science of ceremonies to honor every significant moment and milestone in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. And make no mistake – clever ceremony design, weaving, and placement/ordering of elements is both an art and a science.

Minimum certification ranges anywhere from 8 months to an average of 1.5 years of ceremonial studies and immersion.

Another difference is that Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® are prepared to work with people of any belief – secular, religious or people for whom religious institutions do not serve their ceremonial needs. No belief system is ever imposed or presumed by the celebrant.  A celebrant will work with you at length and in detail to co-create with you a personal ceremony that is unique to you.

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® do not perform religious ceremonies that are reserved by a religion to be performed solely by the clergy of that religion.

We also differ from many non-clergy officiants because Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants®  are Ceremony Specialists. We have received specialized, intensive training in the theory and building blocks of good ceremony. In addition, we provide ongoing consultation through interviewing our clients and, if needed, our client’s family.  Many officiants do not provide this level of personal attention. Traditionally, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants®  stand to the side of the honorees during the ceremony, to physically bring the focus of the ceremony to the honorees; and we will provide a tasteful keepsake ceremony script to our client following the ceremony.

The difference is in the finessing. We CFI Celebrants take pride in our personalized and highly consultative approach, and we are known for our signature offerings, which set us apart from contracted clergy, packaged-offering officiants, and your willing friends and family.

Unlike many officiants, who deal in generic or pre-scripted ceremonies, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® take time and pride in co-crafting this important life moment with you.

What makes us distinct is that we offer:

  • A wealth of myth and ritual resources.
  • A complimentary no-obligation interview to discuss your ceremony intentions in depth.
  • A custom-tailored questionnaire to help craft your interwoven story which, in turn, becomes the hallmark of the ceremony.
  • Ongoing consultation and unlimited script edits.
  • A commemorative keepsake copy of the ceremony.

Perhaps you are spiritual, but not religious. Or perhaps the milestone you would like to commemorate is not commonly acknowledged by your faith community. I offer a service that fills a niche for people who would like to celebrate or honor a life event in a meaningful way. Whether you are spiritual, religious, secular, interfaith, multicultural, LGBTQ+ or straight, I would love to work with you to create a ceremony that reflects you and that which you hold most dear. Together, we will craft a ceremony that is a unique expression of your values and beliefs. And I will deliver it with warmth, authenticity, and a dose of humor. Your ceremony will become a cherished waypoint on your life’s journey.

While we will both be thinking of the big picture and small details, your special event planner is more concerned with the overall aesthetic, guest details, the printed materials, décor, food and beverage, logistics, and pre or post-ceremony entertainment.  We are very accustomed to working and communicating with each other. Each understands the specific role and bows to the intricacies the other is there to perform.

In my former life I worked with hundreds of small business owners helping them to grow their businesses through right hiring, right training, and management methodologies that led to increased employee retention and productivity.  My most important role during that time was to be an active and empathetic listener. To be able to help my clients clearly articulate their visions and goals for their companies, and then assist them in bringing those visions and goals into existence in the real world. I feel my over 30 years working with business owners in this capacity translates perfectly into my consultative role as a Celebrant.

I am also a highly creative person and have engaged in all types of art, dance, writing, and design throughout my life. I am a proficient Pastel Portrait Artist, a Chakradance Facilitator and I am certified as a Reiki II Distance Healer.  All these skillsets add to my ability to conceive, create, and deliver unique custom ceremonies for my clients, and to hold sacred space as they occur.

I dress in clothes appropriate to the tone and theme of your ceremony.  Often, I dress in black and blend into the background. The focus is always on the client. If you have a special request for a color or a style you would like me to wear, we can discuss this during our planning.

There may be additional fees for travel beyond my general location. Generally any location that is within a one hour commute is included in my fees.

Yes. After we meet and you decide to book me for your ceremony, I have a simple contract that protects us both and clearly outlines what my services include. When this is signed and a 50% payment is received, your date is secured, and our planning officially begins.

My typical ceremony fees range from $450-$750 for simpler custom ceremonies, to $850-$1250+ for more elaborate or multi-tiered ceremonies. Once we sit down and review your unique needs in depth, I will be better able to quote you a firm, flat-rate fee. 

In arriving at my fee, I factor in my anticipated amount of writing, research, and preparation hours, as well as the time I will be traveling to and from your ceremony and any rehearsals, consulting with any additional vendors, and delivering the ceremony itself.