From an early age, I have been fascinated by the impact words, colors, and music have on our inner and outer worlds. And, throughout my life I have explored this impact in multiple ways. From using my words to open the minds of my clients when I was in the business world, to bringing people’s beings to life in my pastel portraits, I have always striven to help people articulate and find their truths. And then there is the music and the movement that helps us anchor those truths in our bodies, most often through dance.

This lifetime passion to better understand and embody the power of words, colors, and music, and to use those tools to help myself and others become our clearest selves, has led me to explore multiple communication, creation, and transformation modalities over the years. And, since 2019 that passionate exploration has led me to Chakradance, Life-Cycle Celebrancy, and Reiki II.

This unique combination of modalities dives deeply into the essence of who we are as humans, and provides pathways for us to dance, celebrate and heal. I cannot imagine a more beautiful, complex, yet uncomplicated way to feed my passions, and bring deep peace and healing to the people I serve than by sharing these offerings.